APT content area: Seminal Theory, Skills and Methods, Special Topics

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Advanced Child Centered Play Therapy



This six-hour training will cover advanced skills in child-centered play therapy. It will begin with a review of basic skills of child-centered play therapy in order to link them with the advanced skills of enlarging the meaning, identifying play metaphors, themes and symbols. Time will be spent on what limits to set, how to set them, and what to do when they are not followed.  A Play Therapists’ question of how to see and document progress and determine termination will be explored.  


At the end of this course participants, through a play therapy lens, will be able to:

  • Demonstrate basic child centered play therapy skills
  • Discuss enlarging the meaning for child-centered play therapy.  One of the most advanced skills in play therapy.  
  • Analyze metaphors, themes and symbols in the child-centered play therapy session.   
  • Assess the six conditions necessary and sufficient for change in play therapy
  • Describe limit setting and what to do when limits are not followed in the play therapy session.  
  • Explore how progress in play therapy can be seen in a client’s play sessions and how to determine termination.