APT content area: Special Topics

Strategies for Engaging Children in Tele-play Play Therapy

Presenter: Robyn D. Rausch, LPC (TX), LPCC (NM), RPT


"Strategies for Engaging Children in Tele-play Play Therapy"


A three-hour training focused on developing a play therapist’s skills for engaging children through a telehealth platform. This will include strategies for designing the play therapy area as well as different approaches and techniques to engage different types of kids. This training will fit the APT standard for “Special Topics” due to its appropriateness for the pandemic specific needs of clients, and the tele-play population.

Learning Objectives

Clinician will be able to identify 5 play therapy strategies for setting up the tele-play session to create safety, connection, and focus for the child client.

Clinician will be able to identify 3 sources of distraction and disengagement from tele-play play therapy and strategies for reducing their impact on the child client’s engagement.

Clinician will be able to list 10 or more applications, tools and techniques for utilizing tele-play therapy with child clients.

Instructor Bio:

Robyn D Rausch, LPC-S, RPT-S, trainer Robyn has 8 years of experience in play therapy. She has been working with kids with mental health difficulties most of her life and has a great passion for helping families build resilience and regulation. She currently works with Renewing Hope Counseling in Houston, Texas and advocates through her business, Calming Communities. She practices Adlerian Play Therapy through Relational Cultural Lens and includes a lot of neuroscience as the foundation for skill building. For more information about Robyn, check out her page www.calmingcommunities.com

Robyn Rausch, LPC-S, RPT-S