APT content area: Special Topics, History and Seminal Theories

Recorded Introduction to Adlerian Play Therapy Foundations


Introduction to Adlerian Play Therapy Foundations is a six-credit hour training designed to give play therapists and basic understanding of the history and theoretical principals underlying Adlerian Play Therapy. Participants will learn about the Crucial C’s, assessment of lifestyle, and beginning case conceptualization strategies as well as some initial techniques for applying in play therapy sessions.

Learning Objectives:

 1) Participants will be able to define the Crucial C’s of Adlerian Play Therapy.

2) Participants will demonstrate an understanding of the history of Adlerian Play Therapy.

3) Participants will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the foundations of Adlerian Play Therapy including basic beliefs about people, learning, and development.

4) Participants will be able to develop 3 Adlerian Play Therapy treatment goals based on case conceptualizations.

5) Participants will learn and be able to utilize 3-5 Adlerian based play therapy techniques.

6) Participants will learn specific language to describe the purpose and effectiveness of Adlerian Play Therapy to parents.

Instructor Bio:

Robyn has 5 years of experience in play therapy. She has been working with kids with mental health difficulties most of her life and has a great passion for helping families build resilience and regulation. She currently works with Renewing Hope Counseling in Houston, Texas and advocates through her business, Calming Communities. She practices Adlerian Play Therapy through Relational Cultural Lens and includes a lot of neuroscience as the foundation for skill building. For more information about Robyn, check out her page www.calmingcommunities.com

Robyn Rausch, LPC, RPT