APT content area: Cultural & Social Diversity, Skills & Methods and Special Topics


Play Therapy is a rich social and culturally diverse setting.  In this workshop, participants will define cultural and social diversity.  They will explore their own backgrounds, influences, and biases and how they impact their personal and professional competence in the play therapy setting.  They will then identify how these operate in the lives of their clients.  Finally, they will practice culturally appropriate play therapy skills.  

Learning Objectives: 

Following the workshop, participants will be able to:

1)    Explain social and cultural diversity

2)    Analyze their own cultural backgrounds, influences, and biases and how they can impact the play therapy setting

3)    Discuss how cultural backgrounds, influences, and biases operate in the lives of their clients and how they effect the play therapy setting 

4)    Explore cultural humility

5)    Demonstrate culturally appropriate Child Centered therapeutic skills.

6)    Identify and respond to cultural markers in the play room.  

7)    Assess ones own comfort level with the cultural dynamics in the play room. 

Instructor Bio:

Lisa has over 25 years counseling experience that ranges from school counseling to private practice, to full time university instructor in counseling. Lisa has been using Play Therapy extensively in her practices since 2001. She has presented numerous counseling and play therapy workshops for CE credit and supervises future therapists and Play therapists. After retiring from Eastern New Mexico University in 2015, Lisa moved to Santa Fe, NM where she has worked with the Military Family Life Counselor Program (MFLC) and currently the Child Counseling Center and Play Therapy Institute of New Mexico.

Lisa Dykes-Harrell, LPCC, RPT-S